Saturday, April 14, 2012



—for Gertrude Stein

A kid under glass—boyish carafe
A singular hurt—not bad for a spaz
Simply uncut—pealing him back

Out of the night—comes lewdness
Sugar daddies—aren’t polite either
They pay nicely—for male lewdness

Dirty bad boyz—especially filthy
Oh Lordy, Lordy—pray for mercy
Nothing elegant—preferring unsightly

A boy with a bend—past his bellybutton
A sac of cum—and a bad attitude
The more I want him—the more he sneers

So tres uncaring—so uncharmingly chic
A desperate adventure—resignation, rape
My lily-white lips—simply enchanted

His Venus torso—lots of Voltage
Turns on the current—below his waist
Down there in that—black & blue place

Stretching him out—there in bed
No wonder he—looks away from me
Closes his eyes—trembling pouty lips

Sliding it in—sliding it out
Guiding me down—it’s down-low time
So tricky—his hickie-stained meat

His unripe head—greenish sheen
How long has it been—since yesterday
Pealing it back—his foreskin fondue

Butching it up—tries to be a man
That’s why he shrugs—who really cares?
He knows me better—than I know myself

A monkey-boy—with a donkey dick
He saves the best—for the very last
His modesty gone—losing it completely

The last thing—I really wanted
Was him being nice—stuffing my face
Deep into his—smelly dirty shorts

Love was here—love was there
Stop it some more—not again!!!
Such a cute breeder—coke & snot

The last tiny—oozelette pearl
Jacking him off—expertly faggy
Was it a son—or maybe a daughter?

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