Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aimee Thanatogenos


“What did you have in mind?
Inhumement, Entombment,
Inurnment, Immurement? 
Some people just lately have
preferred Ensarcophagusment;
it’s very individual.” (Aimee)
― Evelyn Waugh, The Loved One

Captivating Aimée Thanatogenos—
A doe-eyed greek cosmetologist is
A true disciple of The Blessed Reverend

She’s blindly faithful to the world of—
Whispering Gay Blades, considered the
Best funeral cosmologist in the business

She does Sir Francis up like a drag queen—
To her utter ecstasy, Aimee is made the
First Lady Embalmer of Whispering Glades

Aimée’s caught in an unlikely love triangle—
With her co-worker Mr. Joyboy (Rod Steiger)
And a young English wanna-be poet

Mr. Joyboy’s a middle-aged mama’s boy—
And Dennis works at an animal crematory
While he lives with his uncle Sir Francis

Aimée can’t make up her dizzy mind—
So she consults Mr. Slump who gives her
Some advice: “Jump off a fucking building.”

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