Thursday, October 31, 2013

Uranian Eros

Edward Carpenter


“Eros is a great leveler”
—Edward Carpenter
“The Place Of The Uranian In Society”
The Intermediate Sex

Perhaps true Democracy rests—
more firmly than anywhere else
on a sentiment which is forbidden

Easily passing the bounds—
of class and caste, uniting in 
the closest affection 

The most estranged ranks—
of society, noticeable in how 
often Uranians of good position 

And breeding are drawn to—
rougher types like manual workers
frequently now called rough trade

Permanent alliances grow this way—
which although not publicly acknowledged 
have a decided influence on social institutions

Such customs and political tendencies—
which would have a good deal more influence 
then usually is given by society

But with a little more scope & recognition—
It’s not taking long for the usual bourgeois
Commercial world to finance post-DOMA

It is possible that something like—
the guilds & fraternities of the middle ages 
might thus have been constructed thusly

But on a more intimate & personal basis—
now than in those days, indeed with a gay
reconstruction actually now taking place

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