Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nervous Nelly

Ann Huey, Nervous Nellie


“I do not of course mean to disguise 
or conceal the fact that there are 
numbers of merely frivolous, or feeble 
or even vicious homosexuals, who 
practically do no useful work for society 
at all — just as there are of normal people.”
—Edward Carpenter
“The Place Of The Uranian In Society”
The Intermediate Sex

I guess I’m a Nervous Nellie—
one those merely frivolous and
rather feeble fags, my dears

I doubt if Uranian Poetry—
will ever be considered as
useful work for Society

I can be so vicious too—
simply a tacky drearie-dearie
bitch queen reading the beads

Especially when it comes—
to Yours Truly dontchaknow
my Muse is such a Mable

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