Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blessed Reverend



“They ( the Americans) talk
entirely for their own pleasure
and they never expect you to listen!”
― Evelyn Waugh, The Loved One

Whispering Glades is blessed—
Having the “Blessed Reverend”
Wilbur Glenworthy (Jonathan Winters)

The Blessed Reverend runs—
Whispering Gay Blades Cemetery
Like a Disneyland Memorial Park

Like some grandiose Theme Park—
Right out Walt Disney, everything
There is so pretty, perfect, phony

He paints a gay face on the—
Dreaded eventuality of Death
Giving viewing areas romantic names

Like The Gay Gothic Slumber Room—
The receptionists masquerading as
Sexy smiling Black Widow Spiders

In tight black speedos and a wink—
Plus low décolletage big bulging biceps
To impress the weeping gay clientele

Ominous organ music follows—
‘The Blessed Reverend’ all around
More like a mob boss than funeral director

Making as much money as possible—
The main goal of the establishment

On your Loved One’s final journey

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