Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Counsel Starker


Counsel Starker gives a nice—
Guided tour of the exquisite
Gothic Slumber Room

Liberace plays the role well—
As the slimy casket vendor extolling
The values of the latest models

Expensive caskets for the rich—
Like The Silent Night & The Rest King
As smooth as a Jaguar salesman

Satin makes a better coffin lining—
Because, my dears, “rayon chafes!!!”
We wouldn’t want that would we?
Yes, Liberace’s a suave caretaker—
He even plays the organ interludes for
The Loved Ones at Whispering Glades

They’ll do anything to make you—
And your Loved One happy, switching

Even to a quickie wedding just like that!

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