Friday, August 24, 2012

Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit

“That would be lovely, boy”
sneered Hook, pealing back
the skin and nibbling”
—Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry
Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Little did I know—
The Secret Naughty Attraction
That Captain Hook had for Peter

I knew that Captain Hook—
Was a foul, despicable, smarmy
Pedophilic Pirate of Ill Repute

I knew that Captain Hook—
Was a disgusting, obsequious
Pervert of the Seven Seas

But I simply had no idea—
Just what a Perv he really was
Until Wendy spilled the Beans

“Peter is Eternally Young”—
Wendy said, “Everything about
Him is Eternal Fountain of Youth”

“Especially his Smegma”—
She said, “It may be cheesy
But it’s got Magic Hormones!!!”

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