Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hollywood Babylon


"The shadow of Babylon 
had fallen over Hollywood” 
—Kenneth Anger, Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood murders—
Edith Head, Sal Mineo
And Michael Jackson

Lost Boy Corey Haim—
Drained dry by Hollywood queens
Down to the last drop

Lana Turner weeps—
Johnny Stompanto’s been stabbed
Her daughter did it

Bobby Driscoll’s dead—
OD’s on Methedrine, the
Same with “Alfalfa”

Ramon Navarro—
Done in by Valentino’s
Art deco dildo

Poor Albert Dekker—
Hanging himself in women’s
Silk lingerie drag

Bored George Sanders—
Nude, lonely, goodbye in Spain
So much for Zsa Zsa

Dazzling Jayne Mansfield—
Career on the skids then a
Rain slick car crash decapitation

Valentino’s demise—
Exquisite bitterness with
Natacha’s last kiss

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