Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love Like Dirt

Love Like Dirt 
—for Frank Bidart
I won’t I won’t do it I said—
But I got down on my knees anyway

He doesn’t love me at all I said—
But I did him dirty again & again 

Love like dirt

He made me feel dirty & worthless—
He called me dirty names like cocksucker

But the dirtier he made me feel—
The more I wanted every dirty inch

Love like dirt

When he said I was a queer faggot—
He’d give me the dirtiest meanest look 

The dirtier he glared at me though—
The more it really turned me on

Love like dirt

He was a ducktail Elvis Presley greaser—
He had dirty Elvis the Pelvis thighs

He made me feel simply filthy—
He took his time doing it dirty too

Love like dirt

I knew it was wrong to do what I did—
But I just simply couldn’t help myself

Doing him at the Snake Pit Drive-In—
Watching horror movie double features

Love like dirt

I gave the dirtiest blowjobs—
Of any faggot hanging around town

My bruised swollen handlebar ears—
His dirty ten-inch Harley-Davidson hog

Love like dirt

I liked it when he talked dirty—
He was the dirtiest guy in town

The only thing dirtier was—
My fucking filthy faggot lips 

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