Sunday, August 19, 2012

Male Chick Lit

The Possibilities of
Male Chick Lit

“What is the meaning
of Peter Pan?”
—Jacqueline Rose
The Case of Peter Pan:
Or the Impossibility of
Children’s Fiction


What’s the meaning, my dears—
Of Peter Pan for J. M. Barrie?

For the thousands of avid—
Chick Lit “Lolitaesque” Readers

Who buy cheap Pulp Fiction—
Romances so tres Nabokovian


And for the Justin Bieber fans—
Devotees out there who’re into

Faithfully attending the productions—
Of Justin Bieber on the Stage

There in Concerts & listening to him—
On Youtube and live Everywhere

What does Peter Pan have to say—
About our conception of Bieber?

About how we understand Boyhood—
And our own relationship to Boy Bands?

What can Justin Bieber & Peter Pan tell us—
About language, sexuality, and death?

About the theatrical, literary, musical—
And educational institutions of our society?

These are some of the questions that—
Perhaps one could attempt to answer

Shifting attention away from J. M. Barrie—
The queenly British originator of Peter Pan

And ask instead what is the nature of—
Our own desire & investment with Chick Lit?

Seeing plays, novels, stories, song lyrics—
As Peter Pan fantasies of our own childhood?

As we retrace back through history—
Chick Lit fiction forward to modern times?

Commentaries on children's writing began—
A long time ago with Grimm’s Fairy Tales

And before that with Greek Mythologies—
Especially the Oedipus and Electra genres

Miss Freud did her slant on Chick Lit—
With vast tomes on Infantile Sexuality

Most contemporary writers of books—
For children today and chicken queens

Owe so much of their Chick Lit oeuvres—
To The Mysterious Case of Peter Pan

With Jacqueline Rose & Hollywood getting—
Into the act now one wonders What’s Up?

The endless production and dissemination—
Of Chick Lit Fiction has simply gone Viral

Peter Pan's new guise as Justin Bieber—
Along with Spielberg's Hook in Hollywood

The lesbian production of Peter Pan—
At the London Drill Hall in 1991…

And debates in the English House of Lords—
Certainly have stirred Male Chick Lit up

Peter Pan has become the new icon—
Of a transvestite Chick Lit Culture

Peter Pan is the latest renewable—
Bizarre Fetish Icon of our Times

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