Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Gallery Boys

The Gallery Boys

“The rebuffs I have
got from all of you!”
—James R. Barrie
Peter Pan or the Boy Who
Would Not Grow Up

You Gallery Boys —
You Peter Pans my Masters!

How many lines abandoned —
Hidden away because of you?

Something snotty you’d say —
Leering at me in the balcony!

It’d be simply the end of me—
As Tragedian and Comedienne!

Your Penny Dreadful sneers —
Up there me down on my knees!

It was all grossly immoral —
My jaded Boy Theater of Love

You were all such a Rowdy Bunch —
My true Gang of Lost Boys!!!

Shouting and hooting all the time —
Every Performance with its Blowjobs!

You were my best Critics! —
I trusted your jizzy Judgments!

Sometimes you’d say:  “C’mon —
I dare you to put that in your play!”

It would be shockingly obscene —
Something right out of the gutter!

Not Sweet Nothings either, my dear—
Instead excitingly dirty as Sin!

Some of my best dialogue came —
From The Gallery Boys way up There

The Lost Boys in the highest tiers —
In the cheapest admission seats

They’d throw torn-up Programs —
Down on the Audience below

And if the Play was bad and lousy —
They’d throw rotten eggs instead!

The Gallery Boys my young Masters —
They’d Never Ever Grow Up!!

Peter Pan the Boy who Flew —
Way up there in the Highest Tiers!!!

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