Monday, August 20, 2012

Tambourine Boy

Tambourine Boy

“all the buttons”
—Geraldine McCarrghean
Peter Pan in Scarlet

All the right—
Buttons to press
There inside his head

From the top down—
To the bargain basement
That’s how Peter works

He’s got this deal—
With Neverland to leak
Nonsense like a sieve

A toke makes Peter’s—
Upper lip tremble with
His peach-fuzz moustache

Another toke—
And cum trickles through
His fingers like sand


  1. Peter Pan, the boy that declined to grow up to be a man, is a wise personality. All the wars and massacres happening in the world are made eby men and women that have lost themselves physically and mentally, the boys or girls they once were.

  2. Yes, Knut, and Miss Barrie was so tres astute when it came to recognizing that 'Peter Pan' wise sensibility in himself and others. Sharing it with his plays, his novels and short stories... and his whole approach to life there next to the lovely Kensington Gardens in London. Peter Pan statues abound all over the world now, even in my lowly little Kansas hometown where Peter Pan Park is named for him with Peter Pan Lake and, of course, a Peter Pan statue standing there where I too grew up a long time ago...