Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peter Pan in Chartreuse

Peter Pan in Chartreuse

“I’m not going to bed”
—Geraldine McCaughrean
Peter Pan in Scarlet

I was shocked, simply shocked—
My kept boy Peter being so adamant

Usually he couldn’t wait to smoke a joint—
And then jump into bed right away, my dears  

The poor pouty pillows were simply miffed—
And the eiderdowns didn’t know what to do

“You’ve been having wetdreams, haven’t you?”
I said tenderly to my cute chicken kept boy

“Such a trial, I know Peter, my poor child”—
Remembering back when I was growing up too

Right in the middle of the night they’d come—
Nocturnal Emissions from NeverNever Land

But what could a proper polite Wendy Boy do—
Other than let caution fly to the wind each night?

Poor little Peter pouted some more—
Such a pouty little Prick the kid could be

Actually I sort of liked him that way—
So much like a Teenage Truant God Pan

Unable to control his Hormonal Sex Life—
Sudden Ejaculations in the Middle of the Night!!!

Gawd knows what Aching Archetypal Angels—
Came quivering in the kid’s wetdreams back then

It wasn’t very pretty though being Peter Pan—
An Adolescent gone amok with his Testosterone

Squirting his Spastic Harelipped Cross-Eyed—
Stupid Idiot Savant Brains out in bed at night

My Peter Pan Chicken Loverboy so cute—
Blushing in Scarlet, such a shy young Trick

Nothing compared with me though, my dears—
Simply oozing in Miss Jealous Chartreuse

I couldn’t help it though & you know why—
One can never ever be just a Boy again…

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