Friday, August 17, 2012

Succulent Safeway



“Who killed the pork chops? 
What price bananas? 
Are you my Angel?”
—Allen Ginsberg
A Supermarket In California

Succulent Safeway!!!—
The Story of my So-called Life

What a flashback looking at you—
Safeway version of Pretty Boy Peter Pan

I couldn’t help but notice your—
Proverbial fig-leaf in the Meat Department

Peter Pan kid shopping with your—
Busy-body mother and two gimpy sisters

I couldn’t help but notice Tinkerbell—
Down between your slim legs in the aisle

Gazing wishfully up at your groin—
Tinkerbell fairy dust all over her face

So utterly, unabashedly, unashamedly—
 Faggoty, Adolescently, Disarmingly Gay!!!

I simply couldn’t believe this incredibly—
Naughty Never Never Land display for me!!!

Actually happening to me this morning—
Shopping at the kitschy schmaltzy Safeway

It was like having a Proustian Flashback—
Infused with Tea & Marmalade Epiphanies

Suddenly outta Nowhere Never-Never Land—
I felt suddenly empowered by the  Moment

Sinfully subverting & transgressing the Now—
Flooding the Present with Sodom & Gomorrah

A Quickie Journey to the Land of Nod—
Sucking me into a Million Other Worlds

Miss Proust added a dab of hash to it—
Her Pipe of Tea and Mexican Marmalade

Unfolding her lovely Involuntary Memory—
Chapters of her famous Literary Masterpiece

But for me that day in the Safeway Temple—
Struck with millions of Synchronicities

It was like the Ancient Greek Gods were—
Stooping down to Conquer & Perplex me

I was shocked, simply shocked by it—
Miss Jacqueline Rose haunting me!!!

The Case of Peter Pan exquisitely told—
The Impossibility of Chicken Literature!!!

Boyhood Sexuality had always been—
Pretty much Untouchable for me

All the Lost Boys I knew or fell for—
Without a doubt were Monsters of the Id

All the Big Bad Daddies as well—
And all the closety Captain Hooks

Miss Barrie had gone beyond Miss Freud—
Ditching Oedipus & Electra for Peter Pan

Miss Barrie is to be blamed entirely for—
My Faggy, perverted Peter Pan Boyhood!!!

Who would've guessed Miss Barrie—
Had come back to haunt me at Safeway?

Posing as a bored pretty-boy chicken—
Loitering in some schmaltzy aisles?

Out of the blue the Gay Muses—
Amusing themselves with smirks & shrugs

This new generation of Justin Bieber boyz—
Turning their girlfriends into coy fag-hags

Young teenage Metrosexual Munchkins—
With their built-in Wi-Fi Youtube Gaydar

Your knowing look checking me out—
I swear you must be Telepathic Tadzio!!!

I’m just a rambling Miss Havisham wreck—
You’re my cute perky wise-ass Pip!!!

Surely Miss Shakespeare knows the Score—
The world’s a Stage and we’re just Players

TPTB tweak the Text here & there—
Some Oedipus here, some Electra there

Outta sheer boredom & curiosity—
Throwing in some Negative Capability

Almost giving you a gum-job right then—
Right there in the health food section!!!

Such a sullen snotty Boss Cupid—
Snickering & strutting your tight cute butt

Looking over your shoulder now & then—
Making sure I’m still checking you out!!!

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