Friday, August 24, 2012

Peter Pan Jaded


Peter Pan Jaded

“Sorry!” interrupted Peter,
his pangs of guilt changing
to irritation tinged with
self-pity”—Ridley Pearson,
Dave Barry, Peter and the
Shadow Thieves

“You know, of course”—
Young Peter Pan said to me
“I’m a hundred years old!!!”

I was simply shocked—
I’d never thought of it that
Way, Peter as a “Wrinkly”

He’d always seemed Eternal—
Ever since Miss Barrie had
Created the Flying Boy

“You only see me,” he said—
“Like some Walt Disney cartoon
A Hollywood Chicken forever”

It’s true, so very true—
Peter Pan didn’t need any
Face lifts for Eternal Youth

Beauty was just skin-deep—
While being Old and Jaded
Went all the way to the Bone!!!

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