Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peter Pan

Justin Bieber, Jeremy Sumpter 
And Uranian Romanticism

“Barrie was a writer obsessed
with the question of what it
means to create art: to play
out roles, invent fantasies
and live in the world of the
imagination.”—Andrew Nash
Introduction, Farewell Miss 
Julie Logan: A Barrie Omnibus: 
A Barrie Omnibus

Those Uranian queens—
Dramatizing the obvious
Justin Bieber doing it nicely

So much easier now—
To lead the Uranian life
No longer just Drag

Peter Pan is back—
Questioning boundaries
Between closetry & reality

Gone routines of cabaret—
Living inside burlesque
Marlene & her Voodoo Love

Peter Pan grows up—
Playing the game differently
Jeremy Sumpter, my dear!!! 

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