Friday, August 24, 2012

Great Distractions


Great Distractions

“He was distracting me”
—Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry
Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Young cute sexy Peter Pan—
He simply kept distracting me
Coming thru my bedroom window

The next thing I knew, honey—
I was flying thru the Night Sky
Higher than a kite over Kensington

Swooping over London Bridge—
Sky-diving during the Olympics
Such a breathtaking Royal Kid!!!

I got rid of Wendy quick—
Along with tacky Captain Hook
I wanted Peter all to myself

Maybe he was a 100 years old—
But he tasted like fresh filet mignon
Served up on the Platter fresh!!!

A juicy Slice of Never Neverland—
Captain Hook green with jealousy
Even the Queen wanted a Tidbit!!!

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